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This summer, we’re putting hot-off-the-grate tips and sizzling recipes right in your hands to make everyday grilling … thrilling.

So grab your spatula and get fired up for a season of
Thrilling Grilling with Treasure Cave® Cheese!

Don't Over-Flip

Try to avoid over-flipping your meats when grilling.  Flipping multiple times can cause your meat to lose its natural juices.  Cook one side fully.  Flip and repeat.  Are you suddenly hungry for a burger?

Blue cheese and chive burger

Fill It Up
before you fire it up

Do you have enough gas to go the grilling distance? Check your propane level by pouring a bucket of hot water over your tank. The tank will feel cold to the touch where there’s propane and warm where there’s just air. Sure beats running out in the middle of the barbeque!

Bugs Be Gone!

Wondering how to keep those uninvited guests from showing up? Just toss some sage on the grill when you’re done cooking and enjoy a carefree, bug-free night!

Pairs Well With Fish

When choosing fish for grilling, be sure to consider their firmness. Delicate fish like Sole, Tilapia and Flounder shy away from the open flame and tend to break apart. Sturdier fish like Swordfish, Salmon and Snapper can handle the heat. May we suggest our Quinoa Salad as this evening’s side?

Tomato Feta and Quinoa Salad

Double Dipping

Have you checked out our summer dips lately? We’ve got plenty that make both perfect starters AND toppings for your burgers, chicken, fish and steak. Double the reason to plan your next grilling get-together!

Farmers Market Dash Dip

Great Cleaning Tip

Trade in your scrub brush for an onion to get rid of grill grime! Get the grill super hot to burn off food remnants. Then stick a halved onion onto the end of a long grilling fork and scrub. Throw the onion right onto the charcoals when done, to add extra flavor to whatever Treasure Cave® Cheese dish you're bringing to the table!

No-Stick Trick

When grilling fish, place the filets on citrus slices to keep them from sticking and to impart flavor. Once they’re off the grill, sprinkle them with Treasure Cave® Goat Cheese and fresh herbs.

Skewers Times Two!

Two skewers are better than one! When grilling kabobs, using one skewer can cause your meat to twist and get caught on the grates. Add a second skewer to keep your food in place and cook evenly. Test it out with our
Grilled Steak Kabobs.

Grilled Steak Kabobs With Blue Cheese Fondue

Savor The Smoky flavor

Did you know that using a smoker isn’t the only way to infuse your food with delicious smoky flavor? To get that same taste, place wood chips on a piece of foil and make a pouch. Poke it with holes and toss it on your gas or charcoal grill. Give it a try with this summer side!

Grilled Corn With Feta Cheese

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Here's to a summer of grilling so thrilling!