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Americas's Original Cave-aged Blue cheese

It began with the discovery of the right cave ...

The cave entrance was discovered by a young WWI veteran with a passion for cheesemaking in Faribault, Minnesota, who knew he struck gold.

The first blue cheese brand produced in America!


The caves were renovated, turning them into a cheese-making facility – and just like that, Treasure Cave® brand becomes the first blue cheese brand produced in America!

Treasure Cave® brand expands


The Treasure Cave® brand outgrew the caves due to the popularity of the brand

Treasure Cave® brand acquired


Saputo USA proudly acquired the Treasure Cave® brand, as the leading blue cheese brand in the United States

State-of-the-art manufacturing facility


The team broke ground on the construction of a new state-of-the-art Blue cheese manufacturing facility in Almena, Wisconsin:
  • Home of the world’s largest blue-veined cheese facility
  • Sustainability-Focused (reduced energy use, water consumption, packaging use, & more)



Born in caves. Today, Treasure Cave® cheeses are aged in quality-controlled curing cells that ensure our products meet consumer’s expectations

Fun Fact!

Our brand name “Treasure Cave®” was inspired by author Robert Louis Stevenson's classic novel "Treasure Island"... and the caves we started in!